Friday, March 29, 2013

A New One

Phillip Roth wrote a book about me. It's called The Turd Bungler and it's about a guy with a dog who can't seem to pick up the dog doo doo without (by accidentally) tossing it in my neighbor's mouth.

Phillip Roth wrote a book about my cousin, his name: Cousin 8 Ball. He's cool as Hell and warm as Heaven. One time he smacked a fool with a Kraft Single right across the butt-face.

That phool his name was Ron. You may know him as Ron Goof of Dallas TX, but who the fuck cares who you know, son? This ain't the "I know him!" game. This is real life goofy stuff on the internet. Now shutup and gimme twenty pushups. I'm the kernal!

Hoagies from Heaven starring Hulk Hero. Today's episode: "Hold the mayo"

"Hold it where"? asked the deli man. I guess that was his idea of a joke. Well two can play at that game. "Hold it up your refrigerator's CUNT." I said.

AND THAT is how you simultaneously take it too far, while also not making sense.

- Chucky Berry