Monday, September 12, 2011

EXCERPT from The Chucky Berry Book, Chapter Zero: Prologue

When I decided to title my first book, I Farted And Flew Out The Window, I knew I had gold because it is an instant question asker: Who farted? What window? When did this happen to you? Where did you end up? Why did you do it (assuming you had agency in the matter)? How'd you get a book deal?
All perfectly illegitimate questions.

The answer is agency. As in, our capacity to "make things happen" is our agency. As in, I have agency to publish my own book. I don't need a publishing agency. As in, go ask my fucking agent, Drunk Dan, why he didn't make it happen earlier. As in, " agentleman never tells" (So says Drunk Dan. But I know where he was last night.)

Agency is not to be confused with "Asian tea" which can sound like "Agency" if you're drunk at the all-you-can eat sushi buffet like Drunk Dan was last night while he should have been proof reading my book for things  like spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, repeating things, redundancy, and other stuff, etc.

Point is, if you keep your eyes on the ball, and you stick to your guns, however small, and if you have any kind of work ethic at all, you can make you're dreams come true. Just make sure your dreams aren't too fancy. whence self publishing I Farted And Flew Out the Window.

Which brings us to the title of the book: I Farted And Flew Out the Window: A demonstration in the art of imaginative thinking and question answering. But be forewarned, what you read may shock you. It might even turn your world upside down. And it just might make you fly out the window.

So here's to thinking outside of the B.O.X. (banal office xerox)


Chucky P. Bunson Berry