Monday, May 04, 2009

A Chemical Reaction, by Tim Bucket

Modern medicine is tricky, Chuck. That's why I make sure not to ingest anything consisting of a chemical substance. WRONG! Everything is chemicals. The orange juice you drink in the morning is a mixture of H2O, glycerin, and citric ACID. I know what yer saying. Yer saying, "but Tim Bucket, I water down my O.J. in the morn'!" But when I hear something like that it just puts a giant smile on my face and I cross my arms and I close my eyes and I'm smiling and I reply with a smile, "That just makes it more potent." The reason I'll say something like that is to trick you. Put you off your guard and open your mind to learning something.
Fact is, the natural world has many helpful, and harmful, chemicals to offer us. Regardless of their organic or man-made origin. For instance, take the venom of the Apache Trail Ghost Serpent. The chemicals she releases upon biting will literally send your soul into the 10th dimension. The ghouls are immune. Goblins know better. It's people that don't get it, man. 
People don't get it, man.

Tim Bucket