Saturday, September 18, 2010

Madmen: A Review, By Chucky P. Berry

Madmen is a new hit TV show on the AMC network. It's about an over the top cop and his down and out judge friend. They work for an ad agency on 5th avenue. I think there's a dog in the show by the name of "Skeeto" or "Skeetie". He's the real star. But the real star of the show is Dom Draper, played by Josh Holm. In the first episode we watch him in the bathroom as he neatly side parts his hair in the mirror, turns to the camera and says, "Shh. Keep a secret." Then the credits come in which is the best part of the whole show because Michael Jackson did the music. (I think.)

But the real star of the show is New York, dressed up to look like the swinging 1960's in the early part of that decade where the 50's were still where it was at, daddy-o. New York is played by non other than Academy Award winner Gerard Depardieu. He wears baggy pants with little subway cars on them, he's got one of those green foam statue of liberty hats, hot dogs taped to his jacket, and his face is painted 6 different ethnic shades to represent the melting pot that is NYC. The City That Never Sleeps. the Big Apple. Hymie Town. These are just a few of the slick ad slogans Dom and his friends come up with to promote their client, 'Gerard Depardieu' (played by Danielle Day Lewis)

So the real star turns out to be none other than advertisement itself. I for one am predicting Advertisement will come out the big winner in this year's emmies.


Chucky P. Berry

Chucky P. Berry is a professional part time TV critic and writes for