Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How about something intellegent around here? Part 2.

Thanks Chuck, for that BOGUS intro. This here is Tim Bucket and while Chuck is out of town I'm going to lay down a few blog rules:

1. If you encounter a ghost in a graveyard please respect his home and do not try to kill him/her/it. Keep in mind that the average spectored one on American soil is a 6,000 year old Native American with an axe to grind and a bone to pick.

2. When using a graveyard public bathroom, Porta-John, or outhouse, watch out for spiders. Most are completely harmless but some are evil and they work for goblins. A little story: I don't wear underwear. I absolutely refuse to. But one time after using the graveyard's facilities I noticed a soft cloth-like sensation in my buttocks/dicks/balls region. The spiders had spun a silk thong on me. That was their little way of saying, "We're smarter than you. So watch out."

3. Children entering the graveyard after sundown must be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 13.

4. Finally, bad news for Butt Fro! NO CLOWNS IN THE CEMETERY.

In conclusion, be smart, be respectful, and watch out. This is Tim Bucket saying,

- Tim G.W. Bucket