Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Call me stupid...

Call me stupid, but didn't I say something smart?

Nothing in life is permanent except permanent ink, and even that remains to be seen.

Life is like a box of white chocolates: something's missing.

Call me a fucking idiot, but what country do we live in again? America? Ok yeah that rings a bell. I always get "America" and "North America" confused. Like I said, call me a fucking idiot.

Who died and made YOU king? Your father? He was the king? So you mean you're the prince? You WERE the prince, ah right. So now you're the king. Gotcha. Sorry to disturb you, your majesty. I'll let you enjoy your bath now. I was just grabbing these towels...and my tooth brush up here...Ok thanks got everything I needed....Woops almost forgot my magazine down there by the tub, thanks. Thanks so much. What kind of magazine is it? It's uh... Just something one of the other servants left around. I was... uh...inspecting it for any rude language, blasphemy  or treason against your highness. That sort of thing. Found none happy to report! Who am I?

I'm Jeff.

- Chucky Berry