Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dan M. Gene-Jackette

If your name is Dan M. Gene-Jaquette then why not call yourself Denim Jean jacket? It's the same difference. Plus it's never a bad idea to match your name with your outerwear so you leave people with something memorable about you. They'll say "What was the name of that French guy who wore the denim jean jacket? ...Ooooh yeaaah!"

You see how easy it is? That's why I changed my name from Taylor Dzoot to "Tailored Suit". Because that's the kind of thing you'll see me wearing. Fine Italian Tailored Suits. With slicked back hair and designer sunglasses. My shoes cost more than you'll make all  year. 

Who knows, maybe someday you could be like me, a great white shark-man in a SeaWorld full of seals, guppies, and puffins.  

But it's doubtful. Not with a name like "Denim Jean Jacket."

Accept your fate.