Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Real Deal

When I was 26.5 years old Chinese dentists performed unspeakable acts of community theater unto me and my person. Me? Chucky Berry. My person? King Elf the Invaluable.

It all started when Me and my man King Elf the Invaluable bumped into each other at the local ice cream soda parlour fountain drugstore operation. I said, "Yo!" And he said "Yo!" and we pulled each other's pants up. (or "Pance" depending on which side of the swamp you like to barbecue on. )

Then all of a sudden out of nowhere Chinese dentists came out from under the pentagram in the assfault and berated and verbally castrated nosotros dos amigos. "Who flung poo!?" was a particularly loaded question pointed in MY direction.

For the record, I've never flung poo. Off the record, sure I have. But please don't print that in your college newspaper. If you do I'll do something crazy in your classroom like toss a backpack full of loose change across the floor or dress up like a baby.

And THAT'S the real deal.

- Chucky Berry

Chucky Berry is a part time editor for Reader's Digest's Digest.