Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Bar Stool Follies

My munchkin got let out the bag. Everybody gathered. He danced on the table as the band played "whistleman's dixie"
and I drank a full ton of beer by pouring it over my head and licking the trickle downs. 
The bartender's name is Boit (spelled Bert) and he keeps a samurai sword displayed above his vodka bottles. 
The barflies all agreed, "he'd use it if he had to." I highly doubt it but I'll nod and smile and lift my glass and say "Thar she blows, ladies" or some other such English sea shanty slogan of yesteryear. 
When the music stops at midnight and the lost and found raffle starts, Boit rings the ding dong and turns on the green light. 
"first up, we have a black sweatshirt that says 'Who Ate My Burgers?'"
1 cent.
- 1 cent
- $20
SOLD for negative twenty dollars to the gentleman in the black sweatshirt  that asks, "Who Ate my Nuggets?"

The bar is a place where a man can find a sweatshirt much like the one he's wearing.

Chucky  P.Bunson Berry