Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chicken Allah King

I invented white chedder popcorn

Meet Chauncey, my chauffeur/ghoul

"Punish the criminal with whip cream atop his head and sprinkles atop that!" - Charles the Warden

Meet Mr. Moffit, my personal assistant, and this is his personal assistant, Mini Mr. Moffit. And over here we have Mini Mr. Moffit's secretary, Little Miss Mini Mr. Moffit. And who do we have here? Ah yes, Little MissMini Mr. Muffin Jr. Okay now that we're all acquainted let's get started shall we?

Chicken Allah King

Where were we? Ah yes, you were saying something about the typical size of a Cheetah's dick, and I was saying that I thought all Cheetahs are female, and then you poured oatmeal on my head and stole my walkie talkie, so I threw your tape recorder out the window and it landed in the pool. Later that summer we listened back to the tape and it sounded
quite strange.

Monkey see, monkey doo doo.

Chucky Berry