Monday, April 13, 2009

Ear to the street

Chucky Berry here. Butt Fro the Clown wanted me to give a SHOUT OUT to "Alfredo the Bodega Guy" so I thought I'd do him one better. I rang up the bodega and this is what Alfredo had to say for himself...
"My name's is Julio C. I don't know no Alfredo. He da mang with da lady and da hats? I know him yeah. Hold on...Hola? Hello? This Alfredo. Butt Fro?"

No friend, it's not Butt Fro. This is Chucky Berry. Do you want to contribute to Chucky Berry Blog?

"Que? Butt Fro, I got a hat for you, Butt Fro. Es Detroit Lions hat. You like it."

This is not Butt Fro the Clown. This is CHUCKY BERRY, sir. What is your shout out? WHAT IS YOUR SHOUT OUT?


Well there ya' have it folks. All this fella wanted to say was "shit." I suppose he's got a girl pal or something who goes by that name. Strange feller.

Chuckily Yours,
Chucky Berry.

P.S. I'll be on volunteer border patrol duty for a couple days so my cousin Tim Bucket will hold down the fort here for the next couple moons. Don't let him scare ya! He's more of an idiot than you think.