Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Proud Mom.

Can I say something? This is Chucky Berry's ex-wife, mother of his three children, and current roommate, Dorothea. First I'd like to thank Tim Bucket for that very useful entry on the paranormal. Second, I'd like to share a poem our son, Charles Jr. wrote last week. 

Chicken Nuggets, by Charles Berry Jr. age 8

"Chicken Nuggets are more awesome than burgers because they are golden
and burgers are worse than chicken nuggets because they have pickles sometimes.
Happy meals have it all so you don't have to make a decision.
I love chicken nuggets!"

If any of you know anyone in the publishing industry or writers guild please contact us. We need to nurture Charles Jr.'s incredible gift. And it looks like our younger daughter might be following in his footsteps, so lookout for Josie!
Her poem...

Bugs, by Josie Berry age 6

"Bugs bugs bugs. All I eat is bugs. I love them. I threw my toys in the garbage!"

Dr. Phil appeared to me in a dream last night and whispered: "Publicize."

Thank you Dr. Phill and God Bless you all,

- Dorothea Gray