Friday, June 22, 2012

Taco Hell's New Million Man

I just jazzercised in my pants. And here's why:

Taco Hell is announcing their new TV mascot and his name is Big Bad Don Cheetol the Cheese Luvin' Million Man.

He stinks. He eats garbage out 'a hat. He skateboards to and fro the dojo where he regularly karate chops the fattest of kung fools.

"He got a sock on one foot and a turtle on the other." - Ron Goof

He once dove head-first into a sewer... And came out wearing an alligator skin jacket. (and holding a rat in his mouth.) (and he was covered in raw sewage.) (with a big piece of shit on his head.) (and then a seagull flew by and took a shit on him)

The seagull winked. (then he flew into a wall and died.)

He once made a citizens arrest on the entire NYPD for what they did to Serpico.

He speaks seven languages including Chinese (mandarin), English (muffin), Spanish (fly), French (bread), Dutch (oven), German (shepherd),  and conversational Italian (bread)

He can make a baboon's ass blush.

So now that you know a little about our friend Don, why don't you take a moment to enjoy a nice tall glass of warm milk and stewed prunes, ya' lousy Freddie!

Ya' no good lousy Freddie.