Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Jellybeans! Yes, the land of a thousand flavors and counting. Grab a fun bag, walk along the rainbow road, and...UH OH! Here comes Sasquatch! Here everybody,  take these cyanide pills!

Hey everyone check this new dance move out! It's called the Funky Chair and all you gotta do is make like you're sitting in a chair and...UH OH! I just slipped on a lemon wedge and fell down on the wedding cake butt-first! It made the groom spit champagne out of his mouth and onto my face so now I'm drunk. Help, Grandma!

Welcome to Jupiter's landing! Ah yes, "Home away from Earth". At this space station spa and resort, the stars are always aligned and...UH OH! Hang on to your moon boots everyone, I'm faaaaaaartiiiiiiiinnnnnng...

Burger Daniel here! Telling all you kids to stay in school! Or else you'll end up like me, an illiterate little cheeseburger man stuck inside a burger. My best friend is a fucking pickle and american cheese is my blanket. My only comfort are the buns I live betwixt. Actually...come to think of it I like living here. Forget what I said. A burger is a fine place to be! 

"beep bop, bloop blop, beep beep. do do do bleep blop." - Robot 

- Chucky Berry