Monday, February 21, 2011

How 2 Party

If you can't have your cake and eat it too, then take somebody else's cake.

Then everybody will point to you and say, "That guy? Oh he takes the cake!"

And if there are any newcomers to the party then they will be impressed and see you as their Party Chieftain.

If the neighbors are being bitches and the police show up, just act like you're their commander and tell them there's work to be done downtown, boys. The Masked Marauder is at it again and this time he's got a car.

They'll probably listen to you and get moving.

Now it's time to get wild: DRINGING GAMES!

Game rules:
Think of a number between one and ten. Now tell everyone to guess what number you're thinking of. Now you guess who you think got the closest, and go pour beer all over their head.

later on at the height of the party, when everyone is having a great time, walk out the door and never speak to those people ever again. Chances are you won't have to, unless you work at the high school they attend.

And that's how 2 party.

- Chucky P. Bunson Berry