Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This just in from Egypt...

Don't Tell Mom The Baby Sitter Farted, starring Lisa Kudrow and Ed McMahon, VS. Lionel Richie.

This just in from the Egypt: King Tut farted.

Welcome home, son. While you were away we decided to turn your room into a TV room. The TV now lives where you once lived. Don't go in there now, he's sleeping. We're going to order in pizza for dinner. TV likes mushrooms. Do you like mushrooms?

My authoritarian friend told me to do it.

Kiss the wind upon a horse who swims through cloud puffs. Now eat shit.

Go on. It won't hurt you. (hehe hehe he he he hehehe I'm the devil.)

 Spank your banker till she gives all the moneys!

You want my professional advice? OK here it is: I don't give a shit.
- That's not advice.

I am your long lost pen pal. My name is Pen Pal.

Yo man, is it cool if I bring my Pay Pal to the party? His name is Josh.

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