Monday, December 27, 2010

Things to say at Christmas Dinner

I ate my dinner and now I demand dessert. Midnight snack is next and then breakfast. (Then comes lunch!)

Everyone be quite while my nephew recites his diatribe.

Do you have what it takes to meet Simon?

Unimaginable, my dear duckling.

I believe that you didn't commit the crime, but my partner here doesn't. So let's start again from the beginning. Did you put the fry up Ronald's butt?

I'm the sheriff of McDonald land. Its ironic, but Hamburgler keeps me in business.


Chinese dwarf buns.

Who died and put you, Charles, in charge?

Meet me out back by the septic tank.

Chinese dwarf buns. $6.99 come with free soda.

Do you accept...plastic?

Let's all relax and take a minute to think about the old folky days when Apple Pie drove his tractor from farm to shining farm.

Being the Sheriff of McDonald Land? It's like anything else. You try not to take the job home with you. The Happy Meal Gang is our biggest problem right now. They're in dispute with the Fry Guys. A lot of violence lately. Ketchup everywhere.

Thank you Dean Silverman for that lovely introduction. Now, who here remembers the 60's?! If you remember then you weren't there, babe! Yeah! I TIME TRAVELED HERE!!!... Was I not suppose to say that?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from All of Us Here at Chucky Berry Blog!

- Chucky Berry