Sunday, September 12, 2010


My uncle taught Special Egg.

Emergency on Planet Bun: Who forgot the hot dogs?

Smell it till you can't.

Ed McMaughin.

I'll have the Gorilla Rangoon. Hold the Banana.

Push Pops, Fruit Roll Ups, Jolly Ranchers: The Candy of Our Childhood. Big fucking deal.

Charlie Rogers invented Jolly Ranchers because Charlie Rogers was himself a Jolly Rancher.

Rain, rain, go away, get the fuck outta here!

Small Beavis.

Shit Betch.

Colonel Popcorn, Sir!

Mary Antoine "Nutin' Butt" Net

Potato Dick Mahon.

Grease Lighting.

Pat Sajack tapped my phone.

Bight the Big One before It bites YOUR dick off.

Shit Head was a real guy.

By the age of 12, Jared became a self made onesaire.

There Might Be Blood, starring Alex Bugle as Danielle Straightshooter, the Texas oil buffoon.

Scissor your lezzie till she goes ballipstick.

Its Chick Pea Fridays at T.G.I.C.P.Friday's this Friday

The Punishment fits the crime perfectly, your honor. 

- Chucky Berry