Friday, September 04, 2009

Witchardry, by Gary the Wizard

Greetings. I am Gary the Wizard. Tim Bucket invited me here to share with you all some powerful insights into the Majick of Witchardry & Pagan Gospels, my new book. This book will change your life. I know it has for me. I wrote it in my own blood. All of it!
Here is an excerpt from Chapter One,
"Witchardry is both art and craft. For instance, the mantra I use every winter solstice in order to conjure the spirit of Dwyble, the Homo-demon, I'll say, 'Duck dick, chicken nugget, flower man's walking stick. Pumpkin spice, munchkin hives, a fat fellow's friendly wife. Cat's liver, beaver tail, pussy willow, and the anus of a Caterpillar! May Dwyble the Homo-Demon rise from his coffee break!"
As I said, witchardry is both art and craft.

- GW