Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chucky on Music

Concert Review by Chucky Berry.

Saturday night I went to see "Eclipser" aka "The Bear Riders" in their debut concert performance downstairs in the basement. First let me tell ya, there were ladies, there was a keg, I think there was a professional wrestler, there was definitely a couple ex-cons/prison escapees,  and when you put all that together and mix it with loud guitar and drums you get R&R, and I'm not talking about "rest and relaxation",

I'm talking about Rock & Roll.

Oh yeah there was also a Ronald McDonald lookalike (one of BF the Clown's friends) handing out cheeseburgers that, according to Tim Bucket, were spiked with meth-amphetamine. 

The crowd was getting restless, bordering on cabin fever, bordering on regular fever, bordering on malaria, when all of a sudden the lights went out. A low buzzing drone could be heard from the speaker on stage. A squeak could be heard from the drummers stool. Someone farted and BOOM the room went bright with a simultaneous crash of electric rhythm and blues. Exhilerating! I looked over to Dorothea and mouthed "these guys rock!" except it wasn't my ex wife at all but the Ronald McDonald lookalike. I think he thought I said, "another cheeseburger, pal!" because he put one in my mouth. 
The next thing I remember was writing this.
All in all I'd say it was a great show. The crowd was ecstatic, the music was like a bolt of lighting and Drunk Dan and company were on fire. Literally.  Which brings me to my conclusion:
Always keep 151 proof alcohol a good safe distance from a drumming clown who likes to set his sticks on fire and juggle them between songs. 
Get well fellas,

Chuckily Yours,

Chuck B

Eclipser aka The Bear Riders will be playing at Molly Shenanigans Irish Pub in Cleveland OH, June 9th, @8pm.