Monday, April 13, 2009

Chucky Berry on Art

Chucky Berry here! I went to the art museum yesterday and I want to talk to you folks a little about my experience there. It all started with a cupcake in the morning (left over from Butt Fro the Clown's birthday two weeks ago) and a tall glass of sunflower seed juice. As usual I was reading the paper at breakfast when I saw an article on an exhibit at the art museum. It said, "Post Modern Nihilism is Retro: An Installation By Susan Goldstein" Now I'm not usually one for modern art, but under the title there was a picture of a dog dressed up like Santa Clause riding a skateboard. Now I had to see THIS in person. When I got to the museum there was a big line to get in so I turned around and went back home.  Overall a great day in the life of Chucky Berry.
All the best!
Chucky Berry
P.S. the real reason I went home early was because sunflower seed juice makes me sick with dieareah. Without fail. Every time.