Monday, April 20, 2009

Chucky's Back...

Chucky Berry here! Back from my volunteer border patrol service. It was a HOOT! We made s'mores, ate franks and beans, and I spotted a mexican delivery man trying to make a run for it. He got away which was disappointing, but I made some great friends down there with the rest of my unit, the "American Dream Catchers". Great folks.  

Anyway, I'd like to address a couple issues on the blog. Looks like things have gotten pretty stupid around here in my absence. For one, Tim, you need to stop doing whatever it is you do. Dorothea, I sincerely apologize for his comments and for the record I do not think our kid's poems STINK. And as for the porno spam robot lady, I don't know who "Larry" is, but thanks for contributing to Chucky Berry Blog.  Your erotic story(?) was very sexy.  A confessional, brave, lyrical modern masterpiece. That's the review I read for a movie once and I have no qualms applying it to your thing.

Berrily Yours!

Chucky Berry