Monday, October 31, 2011

20 questions, by Chucky Berry

I'm 20 feet tall, my head looks like broccoli and chipmunks live in my holes. What am I?
A tree!

I'm a jack-o-lantern's best friend, I wear suspenders, I carry candy corn at all times. What am I?
Giblette The Pumpkin King!

I own 5 computers. I learned Siamese from an authentic Siamese cat-man. My smartphone is made of 100% recycled toilet paper. I'm the proud owner of not 4, but 5 computers. What am I?
Luther Le'Computer

One time I jumped so high a bird flew into my mouth. What am I?
tlamp-o-mlean aulgh go boinga boinga hoy up in da sky

I knew Forrest Gump personally. I'm famous. Who am I?
Forrest Gumper

I'm Chucky Berry and this has been 20 Questions.