Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two simple questions

What if rap singer/actor/producer Ice Cube had a mushroom haircut and out of that "mushroom" grew another mushroom? A real mushroom like the kind you find in fantasy land. Would a bee take his siesta on top?

And what about Climate Change? I for one believe in the theory of Rain Rain Go Away.

Perhaps the two issues are related. Ice Cube could do a Hip Hop Hooray and make it rain another day.
Just an idea. If anyone reading this happens to have intimate relations with Mr.Cube, please have him step into my office and we'll do lunch. Right here at my computer desk next to the stack of blank paper and the cool snow globe. (And while we're at it, maybe "Ice Cube" can tell me how they keep the snow in the snow globe from melting!) Doubt it.