Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chucky Berry on Relationships

Are we alone in the world? No! We have each other. Are we destined for greatness? It depends on your definition of "Greatness". I'm pretty sure I heard "Grapeness" so sure, have all the grapes you want.

my wife walks into a bar and says, "bartenda! Give me a glass of grape juice." "But lady, all we got is wines and spirits" says the bartender. So she goes, "Okay, give me a glass of red wine, and a shot of whiskey on the rocks." "coming right up m'am" he says. The bartender, befuddled, asks "how do you go from grape juice to wine and whiskey?" so she replies, "Easy. The grape juice spilled down my goddamn face and now I'm drinking whatever else you got. Now hit me with a double shot of jack, ya jackass!"


-Chucky Berry